Woodrow Wilson “Woody” Paige – Harry Bradshaw

Woodrow Wilson “Woody” Paige, Jr is one of the most successful sports writers and regular panelist of sports-talks programs. Woody is famous with his witty writing style, his sayings have become catch phrases familiar even to those who have no idea what sports is.

The list of his works is endless. Over his brilliant career, Paige has covered more than 10,000 (just try to imagine this number) sporting events which took place in over 20 countries. Woody Paige has also worked for The Sporting News, Sports Illustrated and the list can be continued. In 1981, Woody had joined The Denver Post which is believed to make him popular and famous.

At some point that last statement is quite a contradictory one, ’cause nowadays Woody’s high-energy loud art of word is a brand every newspaper or TV show wants to have in its inventory.

However, being famous does not mean to be only one of the great sports writers, it means to make something useful for others, something that can change our life for better as sport does. Woody Paige has helped hundreds of people with diabetes. Moreover, he is a participant of more than twenty-five charitable events annually.

In 2002, Woody Paige joined Around the Horn as a panelist, which has spread his witty style far beyond sports review world. His opening jokes written on a blackboard and pun-stuffed sharp comments were gathered and turned into the book “I’m Almost Out of Cha: Woody Paige’s Chalkboard Tales”. It is definitely worth reading from the very beginning (what a wonderful foreword by Tony Reali) to the very last word.

Woody’s words (which were called Woody-isms by a friend of him) are immutable, thousands of people around the globe are interested in how he thinks and what he thinks. You may wonder how it may be possible to write something fascinating about sports, in this case, just google some Denver Post column of Woody Paige and you’ll see that sports writing is not about scores and players and play results.

A winner of 100+ local, state and national media awards for his great sports writing, Paige is not just one of the best sports writers, he is a guru because sports writing is not just his job. He made his words desired to be heard, ’cause it’s not about his inner voice, it’s the people’s voice.