About me

About Me – Harry Bradshaw

Hello to everyone and welcome! Happy to see you on my blog.

My name is Harry Bradshaw, I’m from New Castle and I love sports writing. I’ve been fond of sports from the very childhood and I also love writing articles, so after graduating from the Newcastle University, I decided to unite these two hobbies, so they could become a job.

By the way, I have a degree in Journalism, Media and Culture BA Honours, which allows me to be one of those sports writers, who can create an article basing not only on facts but also on understanding of human communication and a place media has in the modern society.

I’m writing not only for newspapers but also for webzines and broadcasts!

In order to become professional sports writer, I studied media law, political communication and also public affairs.

But it wasn’t difficult at all, because I studied things I love. From the time I fell for Journalism and sports, I understood I was eager to highlight every event myself, without any help. This is what makes you an independent writer.

I’m doing everything in my own way, still keeping it understandable and comfortable for my readers.

I created this blog for everybody, who decided to connect their lives with Journalism and especially its’ sports field. Many people are talented and can deliver this talent to the world, but they lack courage or skills or whatever else.

So in my blog, I’m going to give you guys some useful sports writing tips. You’ll know what are peculiarities of the job, what to do in order to become an expert and simply how to be a good sports writer.

You’ll find plenty of interesting stories from writers’ lives and many useful facts that may help you to avoid some troubles and mistakes most of the beginners do.

That’s everything I can tell you for now, feel free to visit my blog, make suggestions on what you’d like to see here. I hope you will find something suitable for you or answer a couple of questions about the job we’re talking about here.

Looking forward to write about my readers as successful sports writers in a couple of years!